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Types of dental insurance

Dental Insurance in the 2000's comes in three basic types, each differing in the availability of providers and the form of payment to the provider.

Indemnity Plans:  These plans are the traditional dental insurance plans which have been available since the 1950's.  Patients can usually go to the dentist of their choice, and the dentist is paid only for the services provided; therefore, the patient has complete control of the treatment plan.  The dentist provider ends up being  paid the UCR (usual, customary, and reasonable) fee or a percentage of the UCR fee, with the patient paying the co-payment, or the portion of the fee not paid by the insurance company.  These  plans usually have the best benefits and cover the largest range of  dental services

Preferred Provider Plans (PPO):  These plans feature a contract between the insurance company and the dentist provider to provide specific dental services.  The fee paid to the dentist provider is usually lower than the UCR fee, and the patient may or may not have co-payments.  The choice of dentist providers is limited to those providers who actually sign a contract, and many times specific services may be "downgraded" because of the benefits offered.

Dental Health Maintenance Organizations  (DHMO):  These plans mimic medical HMO's in that the services are prepaid.  Patients have specific benefits which can be performed during the period the patient is covered under the DHMO.  Co-payments may or may not be paid to the dentist provider.  Traditionally this type of dental plan has the fewest number of covered services and the most restricted number of dentist providers.

Choosing a dental insurance plan

It can sometimes be difficult to choose a dental insurance plan for yourself and your family.  Factors include the following:  The range of dental benfits desired, the providers available,  the fees or the percentages of the fees covered by the insurance, the deductible, the maximum benefit per benefit year, and the waiting periods--if any-- for specific services.  Another consideration about PPO's:  Many of them will allow the patient to visit the dentist of his choice and although there is no contract, the insurance company will pay the non-preferred dentist provider from a table of allowances. 

Dental Insurance Benefits in Our Practice

Our practice accepts all indemnity plans offered and certain PPO's.  We can tell you if the services we provide are covered --if you can give us the name and policy number of your dental insurance policy.  Also, we can pre-authorize your dental treatment plan, so that you would know exactly what your co-payment would be.  We have found this to be the best method so the patient can be aware before treatment what his/her co-payment would be.

During the year 2004, our practice has processed claims from, or provided services for, the following insurance companies:

Adventist Health System

Aetna Life Insurance Company

Aetna PHC

Ameritas Life Insurance 

Blue Cross of California

Carpenters Health and Welfare Insurance Company

Cass Construction

Children's Hospital and Health Center

CIGNA Healthcare Benefits

County of San Diego Department of Human Resources

Delta Dental Plan of California

Delta Dental Plan of Minnesota

Delta Dental Plan of Missouri

Delta Dental Plan of New Jersey

Delta Dental Plan of Tennessee

Delta Dental Plan of Virginia

Employers Health Insurance

Fortis Benefits Insurance Company

Foundation Health Systems

GE Group Administrators

Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company

International Paper EBRA

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Principal Life Insurance Company

RETA Trust

Rocky Mountain Hospital and Medical Services

San Diego Hospital Association

San Diego Unified School District

Scripps Health

Sheet Metal Workers Plan

Southern California Drug Benefit Fund

Standard Insurance Company

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

The Guardian Life Insurance Company

The Plan Handlers

The St. Paul Insurance Company

Trigon Insurance Company

UFCW Unions and Food Employers

Unicare Life and Health Insurance Company

United Concordia

Washington Dental Service

West Coast Administrators

West Teamsters Welfare Trust   


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